Eager to Watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2? It’s All We Know So Far

Prepare to embark on Takemichi Hanagaki’s time travel adventure once more with Tokyo Revengers season 2. Who thought gang warfare and time travel were a good match? With his most recent work, Ken Wakui managed to captivate the shonen community and leave the audience wanting more.

But there’s no need to go across time; Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown, the second season, is already available. If you want to see the episodes now, keep reading this Tokyo Revengers: Season 2-episode guide. Even the location of the show’s streaming will be disclosed.

About Tokyo Revengers Season 2 TV Series

After discovering the history, Takemichi Hanagaki (Takumi Kitamura) chooses to go back in time to stop a Christmas Eve fight between his fellow Toman member Hakkai Shiba and Taiju Shiba, the leader of the Black Dragon, Hakkai’s elder brother and the bully who has been torturing his younger brothers for years. However, Takemichi finds it challenging to overcome this aspect of his upbringing.

Is there Any Trailer?

Yes. You may watch the first Tokyo Revengers season 2 trailer right now. It was released in December 2021.

Is the New Season of Tokyo Revengers Coming?

From April 2021 until September 2021, 24 first-season episodes were broadcast. Now the issue is, when will Tokyo Revengers season 2 be released? How many manga volumes will be adapted for the new season?

The 12th episode of Tokyo Revengers season 2 release date was March 26, 2023, at 2:08 AM JST. The 12th episode of Tokyo Revengers season 2 premiered on MBS in Japan before being available on Disney+ and Hotstar. Hulu in North America also offers access to anime.

What Should Vyouexpect from Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers?

Mitsuya’s death will likely be covered in season 2 Tokyo Revengers episode 12, as understanding what transpired in the new present may depend on the circumstances surrounding his passing. Any potential negative futures should have been eliminated after Kisaki and Hanma were expelled from Toman.

Takemichi might get in touch with Naoto so that she can show him the latest improvements. Takemichi might learn from him about the new lineup of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the new issue that brought them to this unpleasant situation. Mikey had difficulties keeping himself in check, which might be the solution.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date, let’s hope we will also learn the Tokyo Revengers Season 3 release date. Additionally, as previously said, we will update this site as soon as some official information regarding the new season’s premiere date is made public.

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