Google Docs Dark Mode: How to Enable it on Desktops and Mobile Devices

Dark mode, a frequently used interface feature, shows bright text on a dark background. Even though it does not always lessen eye strain, dark text on a dark backdrop can be more aesthetically pleasing and relaxing when using a device in a dark setting. Here’s how to activate Google Docs dark mode.

When working on your desktop or laptop using Android, iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, or even Microsoft Edge, Google Docs typically has a light look by default. However, switching to dark mode is easy. We’ll demonstrate how to make Google docs dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode on an Iphone or Ipad When Using Google Docs?

Follow these steps to enable dark mode for Google docs on an iPhone or iPad.

  1. Start the Google Docs application.
  2. The menu for the app is shown by three horizontal lines in the top-left area; select the Options option from there.
  3. Select Setting.
  4. Theme on tap.
  5. Select dark mode Google docs.

Google Docs night mode will immediately start.

How to Activate Google Docs Dark Mode in on Android?

On an Android phone or tablet, choose Options > Settings > Choose Theme > Dark or System Default to enable Dark Mode in Google Docs. Here is the comprehensive how-to.

  1. Start the Google Docs application.
  2. Click the Options button. Three horizontal lines display it in the app’s upper left corner.
  3. Select Setting.
  4. Select the theme.
  5. Choose System Default or Dark.

Google Docs will immediately go into dark mode.

How to Activate Dark Mode on a Pc for Google Docs?

Google Docs do not come with a built-in dark mode for PCs. However, you can activate Google docs dark mode via a third-party extension. The procedures outlined below work for both Chrome and Google Docs.

  1. Launch Chrome on your computer
  2. Go to the page for the Google drive dark modeplugin.
  3. Press the Chrome Add button.
  4. Select Add Extension from the pop-up window that appears.

Final Words

Now Google docs dark mode will download and set up the extension. To use the application, you must refresh any open Google Docs windows.

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