House Party 2023: An Entertaining Comedy Remake But Not Worth Your Time

The comedy film House Party 2023, starring Tosin Cole, Jacob Latimore, and Karen Obilom, was directed by Calmatic. A remake of the 1990 film Reginald Hudlin directed is called House Party. This time, Jamal Olori and Stephen Glover wrote the screenplay.

This remake doesn’t want to let the original down and is so true to it that it doesn’t have a good reason for being made in the first place. Today we will discuss the cast of House Party, its trailer, and its plot.

When it is Coming Out?

On Friday, January 13, 2023, House Party was released nationwide. A Man Called Otto, Plane, The Devil Conspiracy, and 25 other films were also released on the same day.

Does House Party have a Streaming Option?

If you’re an HBO Max subscriber and missed your chance to see the R-rated comedy on the big screen, you’re in luck. Now House Party stream for HBO Max subscribers will be able to access.

Cast of House Party 2023

Following are the House Party 2 cast members:

D.C. Young Fly, Tosin Cole, Karen Obilom, Kid Cudi, Jacob Latimore, Tamera Kissen, Christopher Wolfe Allen Maldonado.

Regarding the Movie

House Party 2023 is likable, almost pleasant, well-done, and has clever rhythm and phrases. Is it superior to what it replaced? It is an excellent chance to view the original version, which is still “enjoyable” today with the same elements.

A movie that neither invents anything nor seeks to do so and, as is the case with nearly every comedy, bases itself on the inspiration of its actors, who don’t disappoint or fall short of the spirit of the material.

Is there Any Trailer?

On October 14th, a comprehensive trailer for House Party was made available. Our comedy duo’s Kevin is rudely awakened in the first scene by his mother, who appears to be one of many people who think he will never succeed as a club promoter.


The remix of “House Party” may make some people miss the first movie, but House Party 2023 wisely avoids trying to be a carbon copy. Calmatic, for his first full-length film, demonstrates strong directing qualities, although the script’s laziness and brevity mask these.

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