Nintendo Switch 2: Facts You Need to Know About the Long-Rumored Switch Successor

The Nintendo Switch 2 rumors have re-ignited; however, they are still far from being confirmed. They still need to burst into sound. But given that the Nintendo Switch is almost six years old and is built with dated hardware, it’s likely that the Japanese gaming titan is developing a new system.

The Switch 2 is most likely to be that console. Nintendo frequently releases new home systems that enhance the capabilities of their predecessors. It has also been more iterative with its handheld gadgets. We’d be confident that the Nintendo next console will be Nintendo’s major gaming console.

Potential Release Date and Price of Nintendo Switch 2

We speculate that a next gen switch would debut this year given the two recent Nintendo Switch rumors that have surfaced hinting at and teasing its presence. Unless Nintendo chooses to shadow-drop the Switch 2, which would make for a significant launch title, it would most likely release somewhere in the second half of 2023. But that may be wishful thinking.

The Nintendo Switch 2 OLED costs $349. Therefore, the price of a new Switch would be around that range, especially if it does have an OLED screen.


There have been numerous rumors about what the next Nintendo console would offer, and the most of them point to 4K capability. According to a Bloomberg story, Nintendo is requesting 4K compatibility for its Switch titles. This confirms earlier rumors that the company is working on a 4K-capable Switch system upgrade.

Additionally, 11 game firms accessed an official development kit with 4K functionality. The console may yet be released; however, it was reportedly shelved due to supply problems brought on by the ongoing global semiconductor crisis.

Features of Nintendo Switch 2 

There are few hints about the features of Nintendo Switch 2, but we can make some educated guesses.

Given the demand for such features on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, backward compatibility would undoubtedly be offered; playing older Switch titles on newer hardware would raise performance and improve aesthetics.

A recent rumor that backward compatibility for Switch games may not occur with the Switch 2 is unsettling. If Nintendo doesn’t rely on more established and older game catalog that would be a little disappointing and would require Nintendo to have a fantastic launch selection for a next-generation Switch.

Additionally, we’d like the Switch 2 to be compatible with already-existing Switch add-ons like the Ring Fit Adventure and third-party controllers.


There needs to be more concrete information circulating regarding these Switch 2 rumors because it is very early in the process. Nintendo is renowned for secrets, so we shouldn’t anticipate a flood of leaks soon. The Nintendo Switch 2 might provide the solution.

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