Remarkable 2 Tablet: Your New Creative Companion

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word tablet is an iPad Pro or apps, games, etc. However, unlike that kind of tablet, the Remarkable 2 isn’t intended to replace your computer.

Even online browsing is impossible. It takes the place of a paper notebook. You can read eBooks and articles on E Ink display, write handwritten notes, edit PDFs, and sketch ideas. Here is the quick Remarkable 2 review.

Price and Availability

The Remarkable 2 tablet is currently available, and the Remarkable 2 price is $399. You may also buy replacement pen nibs, magnetic leather cases, and extra pens individually. The tablet will be difficult to sell to some people because it costs more than the entry-level iPad, which offers significantly more functionality thanks to its color screen, access to the App Store, and full multimedia capabilities.

Unique Design of Remarkable 2

You’re on the right track if you imagine the Remarkable 2 as a large Kindle you can write on.  It uses a 10.3-inch monochrome E Ink Carta display that Carta refers to as a “CANVAS” display because it has been tweaked and optimized for handwriting input. The highlight of this scene is the screen. It won’t dazzle you with vibrant colors and fluid motion, but the experience of reading and writing is what matters.

Benefits of Using it

Even while it sacrifices the multitasking powers that we’ve grown to anticipate from our mobile devices, it achieves its nearly sole goal of admirably making writing on a digital device delightful.

Writing with the Marker pens included with the Remarkable 2 on the CANVAS display truly gives the impression that you are writing on paper; this is not just marketing speak. In other words, it’s the closest thing we’ve ever experienced to writing on a standard pad from a connected device because it’s pressure-sensitive, the pens can function with a 50-degree tilt for shading, and there’s just a tiny bit of stickiness to the surface.

Overall, in our Remarkable 2 review, we got that the interface is snappy, quickly opening even complicated PDF files and making them available for browsing. But like its predecessor, the Remarkable 2 tablet is still the least effective as an e-reader.


The Remarkable 2 tablet supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi standards, allowing you to share anything you create. Even though you can email documents directly from the tablet, the Remarkable desktop and mobile apps will be more helpful. These apps, compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, quickly sync with your tablet.

Should You Buy this Tablet?

The Remarkable 2 is stunning, has an analogue feel, and makes you take your time. Additionally, it allows you to disconnect, which is paradoxical for a tablet connected to the internet. But the price is also high.

It’s a pleasure to write on and utilize Remarkable 2. We strongly advise this device if you need the best digital writing experience possible, work with many digital files, or interact with PDFs frequently.

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