sarathi parivahan: An In-depth Review and Rating

India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has taken a significant leap towards digitization with its flagship online portal – sarathi parivahan. This initiative has revolutionized India’s driving license application and issuance process, providing a streamlined, transparent, and user-friendly system. Let’s embark on a detailed review of sarathi parivahan, culminating in a complete rating based on various factors.

What is sarathi parivahan?

sarathi parivahan is an online portal developed under MoRTH’s digitization initiatives, primarily targeting driving license services. The portal facilitates applying for a learner’s license, driving license, and even international driving permits right from the comfort of one’s home.

Features and Usability

sarathi parivahan boasts a wide array of features making license-related procedures a breeze. Some of the features of sarathi parivahan gov in are described below.

  • Application Services: Users can apply for new licenses, renew existing ones, and even apply for international driving permits.
  • Driving School Services: The portal offers services for driving schools, including accreditation application and renewal.
  • Document Upload: It allows users to upload necessary documents directly onto the platform.
  • Online Payment: The portal facilitates secure online transactions for service-related fees.
  • Appointment Booking: Users can schedule appointments for driving tests online.

The website has simplicity, making navigation easy for the average user. However, the user interface could use a design update to make it more intuitive and visually appealing. It is also possible to effectively know sarathi parivahan application status

Impact and Efficiency

sarathi parivahan has undeniably brought efficiency and transparency to the driving license issuance process. It’s reduced administrative red tape and made services accessible to citizens nationwide, regardless of geographical location. Additionally, digitizing processes has contributed to environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage. You should get more details about sarathi parivahan sewa

User Experience

The response to sarathi parivahan has mainly been positive, with users appreciating the convenience of accessing services from home. The system’s transparency and efficiency have been particularly commended. Nevertheless, occasional technical glitches and difficulties in navigating the website suggest room for improvement. Read on more about parivahan sarathi


Based on the comprehensive review, the following ratings are assigned:

1. Ease of Use: 7.5/10 – While the website is relatively easy to use, improvements enhance the user interface and experience.

2. Feature Set: 9/10 – The portal offers comprehensive services, making it a one-stop solution for driving license-related procedures.

3. Efficiency: 8.5/10 – The portal significantly reduces processing time, providing a faster service turnaround.

4. Reliability: 8/10 – The system is generally reliable despite occasional technical glitches.

5. User Experience: 8/10 – While users appreciate the convenience offered by the portal, they reported difficulties navigating the website and occasional technical issues impact the overall user experience.

Overall Rating: 8.2/10


sarathi parivahan marks a commendable step towards digitization in the transport sector. Despite minor hiccups, the platform has successfully streamlined license-related procedures, bringing efficiency and transparency to the process. With continuous improvements and updates. It elevates the standard of public service delivery in India.

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