Step-By-Step Guide: How to Screen Record on Android Phone

Today we will tell you how to screen record on android device following easy steps. In earlier times, if you wanted to record your Android screen, you had to download third-party software or hope that the maker of your phone had provided one.

Every new Android phone now comes with a screen recorder, though. Netflix is one exception, as it only shows a dark screen when used to record content. Nearly all other programs are simple to find and operate.

Steps for How to Record a Screen on an Android Device

On an Android device, recording your screen is quite simple. For android versions 11 and up, Google’s developers have created a built-in screen recorder after treasuring the feature before to Android 11’s release.

Here’s the guide for how to record your screen on android:                                             

  1. To access the Screen Recorder, swipe downward from the top of the screen, then down again to reveal the Quick Settings.
  2. If this is your first time using it, the Screen Recorder icon most likely won’t be present. To fix this, tap the Customize icon, which resembles a pencil, and then drag the Screen Recorder icon from the bottom of the screen to the top so that it appears in Quick Settings. To leave, click the arrow.
  3. Double-tap the new “Screen Record” icon after two downward swipes from the top to see the Quick Settings.
  4. Determine if you want to include audio in your screen capture and whether you want to display the screen’s touch points. Swipe the buttons to the right to enable either of these settings.
  5. Press “Start.”
  6. The recording has begun. To stop recording, tap the red “Tap to stop” Screen Recorder notice after you’re done by swiping down from the top. So now you know the answer to how to record screen on android.

How to Use Apps to Record Your Screen?

Lacking an Android smartphone with built-in screen recording support? Not to worry, you can still use the feature with third-party applications. Here are the top picks that we suggest for how to record screen on android without an app:

1. Screen Recorder by AZ

A straightforward recording app without time restrictions or watermarks is AZ Screen Recorder. Additionally, the program offers the ability to clip and edit the video, crop the screen as required, replace the audio with any song, and convert certain areas to GIFs as required.

2. XRecorder

XRecorder, created by InShot, has been downloaded over 100 million times. The software offers a variety of settings for you to customize based on your preferences and allows you to share your recordings and capture screenshots.

3. Google Play Games

Did you realize you could capture your screen using the native Google Play Games app? The program lets you capture your screen and publish your video to YouTube.


At this point, you know how to screen record on android. When your recording is complete, you can locate it in the Google Photos folder in your phone’s default camera roll.

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