Tesla’s Track Mode Car: Future of Electrifying Performance

Despite the myth that it is only a tool to find a lost Tesla vehicle, the “Track Mode” driving feature offers significant advances. This article will explain what Track Mode car is, how it can improve vehicle performance, and how to activate it in your Tesla.

What is Track Mode on a Car?

Track Mode is a driving mode available to owners of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, Model Y Performance, and Model 3 Plaid. It delivers a driving experience similar to that of a race car by diverting power from nono-essential systems such as the entertainment and redirecting it towards the car’s handling, traction control, cooling, and motor. Initially, it was introduced as a software update to the Tesla Model 3 Performance EV and later became available for the Model Y Performance and Model 3 Plaid in January 2023.

When taking sharp turns, for instance, Track Mode’s system automatically redistributes power to the necessary areas. It shifts power from side to side and front to back as required. The regenerative braking system increases its output to send more power to the battery. Additionally, the cooling system works harder to support the drivetrain’s increased capacity over extended periods. Track Mode car offers drivers more than just automatic features. Before setting off, drivers can regulate stability, handling, and traction by accessing the controls on the car’s touchscreen. Short videos are available on Tesla’s Twitter thread about Track Mode to see how these controls function.

Now you know what is Track Mode. Tesla emphasizes in its Track Mode explanation that this feature is intended only for closed-circuit driving tracks. It is because the car behaves differently when these controls are activated, and other driver-assist systems are disabled. As a result, it is not safe to engage Track Mode on regular roads and highways. The car must be stationary to activate the Track Mode, and the driver must manually turn it on. Navigate to Controls> Pedals and Steering> Track Mode on the menu to enable it. The dashboard display will show TRACK and a color-coded diagram of the vehicle’s systems will appear. You can use it to monitor vehicle health while driving.

If you want to personalize your Track Mode car settings, click on the pop-up window that appears when you enter Track Mode, labeled “Track Mode Settings.” You can also customize the Track Mode settings by going to Controls> Pedals & Steering from the main menu and clicking “Customize” next to the Track Mode option.

Can Track Mode Enhance a Tesla’s Performance?

Tesla’s powertrain in Track Mode handles higher loads and delivers extra power for better steering and stability in tight turns. They cool the powertrain to prevent overheating. When used by a skilled driver, this can significantly improve driving performance. Additionally, Tesla’s acceleration is improved while in Track Mode. In a video by Tesla Northwest & EVs, the driver runs a series of tests, with the Tesla accelerating to 100 KmH in under four seconds while in Track Mode car with a 75/25 front bias.

What is Tesla Dog Mode, and How Does it Operate?

Track Mode disables certain features, including Autopilot capabilities, and restricts access to entertainment features. Track Mode overrules the Slip Start setting and defaults the stopping mode to Roll. Drivers should be aware of these changes. It’s important to note that your car’s handling may vary significantly depending on how to customize the Track mode settings. For example, if you lower the stability assist or traction control settings to enable drifting, your car will become more slippery than usual. You should keep this in mind while driving.

Utilizing Track Mode with cheaper or less resilient tires may cause them to become damaged. They designed Track Mode car for use with robust racing tires. Before using it, ensure that your car can handle the extra stress. Extra features of Track Mode include several exciting racing-themed features you may wish to use. One such feature is the ability to set up a lap timer by dropping a pin at the start/finish line, which the car uses to time each lap. Your Tesla can also record each lap as a separate video, but you must insert a USB drive to save the footage.

A G-Meter card also appears on the dashboard display in Track Mode car, measuring acceleration force as you drive. Every driving session starts with Track Mode, constantly tracking acceleration and deceleration forces until disabling it. Although not all Tesla vehicles presently have this function, non-performance models may get it. Previously, the firm released its acceleration boost feature as a paid over-the-air upgrade. In the future, it may use a similar strategy to add Track Mode to all its vehicles.

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