Tradies: How to Make a Claim When You’re Injured at Work

Tradies are the backbone of Australia. They build the schools, fix the plumbing, and keep our homes warm in winter and cool in summer. They do all the jobs that keep Australia’s standard of living so high. Unfortunately, the risk of injuries and trades ranks among the Australian industry.

This also means a lot of workers compensation claims. It is always the best idea to enlist professional legal representation when making your claim, as your legal representation will have the skills and experience to achieve the best possible result.

On top of that, here are five things you must do when you are injured on the job:

  • You must tell your employer

The first thing you have to do before enlisting your personal injury lawyer is to tell your employer as soon as possible. Generally, you or your company’s HR department will file an injury report, and you must ensure that whoever does this accurately does it.

Naturally, medical attention should be your priority, so be sure you receive proper medical attention upon experiencing the injury. In the ACT, you have six months to lodge your compensation claim, so be sure to tell your employer as soon as possible and fill out an injury report so that you can start the process of making a claim.

  • Visit the doctor & receive medical documentation

It is imperative to receive medical advice before proceeding with a compensation claim. The first thing you should do is seek medical treatment, visit your ER or GP or another medical expert, and then go on to obtain the documents they create that detail your injuries.

This documentation is essential when making your claim and helps your legal representation build a solid case regarding your incident. You may find that you are unhappy with the medical professional’s assessment, in which case it is a good idea to receive an assessment from a different medical professional.

  • Do follow the doctor’s advice

Your health is most important, so follow your doctor’s advice. If you have been injured at work, not listening to your doctor may likely lessen the compensation amount or ruin your case altogether, so follow their exact orders to not only get back to full health faster but also to make the best case for your claim.

  • Don’t accept an offer before legal consultation.

You mustn’t accept an initial sum without speaking to first-class legal representation. This is because you may be offered a sum that, while seemingly appealing, actually inhibits you from seeking further future damages. Therefore, always speak to legal representation before accepting any deals that may undercut what you could receive.

  • Have your lawyers process the claim

Of course, you can submit the claim yourself. However, enlisting legal representation puts you in the best position to receive the best possible outcome.

The best ACT workers compensation lawyers have the skills and experience to help you receive the best possible outcome from your case. They will analyze your case, help you collect the required documentation, and process the claim on your behalf, all while helping to ensure you receive the best possible settlement.

For these reasons, it’s always best to enlist reputable legal representation.

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